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Not only am I an editor, but I am a writer as well. I understand the craft of writing and the hardships of it. I specialize in copy editing and proofreading and would love to help polish up your story.

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Currently, I am a full-time Communications Development Lead at Focal, a photography marketplace company, a full-time blogger for my personal blog (mylifewithbooksblog.com), and a business owner! I love keeping busy and pursuing my passions, and joining PEAVI is just me continuing to do so.

In August 2020, after editing my first book in April, Fransesca: A Remarkable Life by Katrina Pavlovsky, dabbling in editing academic essays for multiple literary journals, and receiving numerous awards and publications for my short stories, I decided to launch my freelance editing and writing website. Since then, I have been pursuing the work I love and have been enjoying the crazy ride!

Skills Author support/coaching, Copy editing, Developmental editing, Editing, Non-fiction editing, Online editing, Proofreading, Website content creation, Writing
Subject / Areas of Interest Business, eBooks, Fiction, Film, Fine Arts, History, Non-fiction
Types of Publications Blogs, Books, Brochures, eBooks, Magazines, Newsletters, News releases, Websites
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