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Since 1988, I’ve supported creatives in corporate communications, fashion design, and book publishing. My current role is at TouchWood Editions as in-house editor; when freelancing, I choose projects that stir my passion—writing and editing primarily for lifestyle, wellness, and not-for-profit publications. I’m most engaged when substantively editing memoirs, self-help, guidebooks, and collections of essays and short stories; when it comes to fiction, stories that explore personal growth and identity most compel me. Collaborating in a busy production environment, thinking about the big picture, and connecting people give me a charge; my ultimate “why” is my belief in communication’s power to change minds, shift culture, and impact the world.

Skills Author support/coaching, Book production, Canadianization, Coaching, Consulting, Copy editing, Developmental editing, Document formatting, Editing, Fact checking, Manuscript evaluation, Non-fiction editing, Online editing, Proofreading, Rewriting, Structural editing, Stylistic editing, Writing, Writing advice, Writing coach
Subject / Areas of Interest Biography/memoir, Book publishing, eBooks, Fiction, Gender and bias editing, Human & Social Development, Manuscript evaluation, Non-fiction, Preparing transcripts, Project management, Women's issues
Types of Publications Books, Brochures, Correspondence: personal, Magazines, Newsletters, Obituaries, Personal stories, Websites
Citation styles Chicago, In-house styles