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Elysse Bell


B.A. (English Honours, minor in Visual Arts); WSET Level 2, Wines

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Vancouver, BC


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Food, drink, recipes and all other delicious words.

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I love editing because it offers endless opportunities to learn new things, usually directly from the people who are the most passionate and knowledgeable about them.

Growing up, my parents constantly had to tell me to stop reading at the dinner table. Since then, I’ve brought together my love for food and words in many ways, whether it was writing my Honours English thesis on the rhetoric of Julia Child and Cooks Illustrated, or professionally editing cookbooks and recipes. I’ve also recently completed my WSET Level 2 in Wines and regularly edit food and beverage writing for TASTE Magazine.

Though food and drink are a passion of mine, I’ve edited a wide variety of topics, from theatre scripts to project proposals, web copy to academic essays. In my 7 years of working as an editor, I’ve specialized in non-fiction and marketing copywriting, but I am open to working on any subject for any industry. I take pride in being able to spot an extra space in between two words or ask the right questions to help you move forward with a project.

Skills Book production, Canadianization, Consulting, Copy editing, Document conversion (e.g., PDF to Word), Document formatting, Editing, Fact checking, Manuscript evaluation, Non-fiction editing, Online editing, Plain Language editing, Proofreading, Rewriting, Structural editing, Stylistic editing, Writing, Writing advice
Subject / Areas of Interest Fine Arts, History, Humanities, Manuscript evaluation, Marketing, Non-fiction, Project management
Types of Publications Annual Reports, Blogs, Books, Brochures, eBooks, Magazines, Reports, Websites