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David S. Greer


BA (English and History), LLB

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“To write is human, to edit divine.”  Stephen King

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Grammatical gremlins sabotaging your sentences?  Structural flaws undermining your message?  Perhaps I can help.  A certified structural editor, stylistic editor and copy editor, I prefer the commonsensical Chicago Manual of Style guidelines but can work with other styles as well.  I like to work in MS Word so clients can easily see suggested edits (Track Changes) as well as my queries and suggestions (Comments).  Clarity, consistency, conciseness and plain language are my usual priorities, but if wordiness is your wish, who am I to argue with James Joyce? I cut my teeth as a proofreader with a Toronto typesetting firm (Robertson Davies novels), honed my editing skills with Hansard (report of parliamentary debates) in Ontario, B.C. and Alberta and as the copy editor of academic journals and trade magazines, edited assorted annual reports and governmental studies as a freelancer, then moved into writing as the author of three non-fiction trade books.  I’ve also been a lawyer, a mediator and an elected politician (local government), but the love of words, cruel mistress that she is, kept calling me home to corral comma splices, dangling participles and mixed metaphors.  Estimates provided on request.

Skills Book design, Business editing, Copy editing, Editing, Non-fiction editing, Plain Language editing, Proofreading, Structural editing, Stylistic editing, Substantive editing, Writing
Subject / Areas of Interest Book publishing, Environmental editing, Government publications, Law, Non-fiction
Types of Publications Annual Reports, Blogs, Books, eBooks, Policy documents, Reports
Citation styles Chicago, CP (Canadian Press), In-house styles, Legal Citations, MLA