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Ph.D. (History)

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I am a Victoria-based editor, writer, indexer and researcher with a passion for writing and a keen interest in helping people get their ideas across. As an award-winning academic writer and a former university lecturer, I know the value of clear writing, thorough research and quality presentation.

I have a BA and MA in history from the University of Otago, New Zealand, and a PhD in history from the University of Victoria, Canada. I have written, edited and indexed work in the humanities, social sciences and business disciplines and for organizations, businesses and private individuals. From 1995 to 2010, I was a university lecturer in Canada and New Zealand, teaching history, gender studies, sociology and visual culture. I am also a certified adult literacy teacher.

Skills Copy editing, Editing, Indexing, Proofreading
Subject / Areas of Interest Academic editing, Environmental editing, Gender and bias editing, History, Human & Social Development, Humanities, Law, Psychology, Social Sciences, Women's issues
Types of Publications Books, Conference proceedings, Theses – Dissertations
Citation styles APA (American Psychological Association), Chicago, Harvard, Legal Citations, MLA