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BA English Honours

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“Good prose is like a window pane,” wrote George Orwell. As an editor, my goal is to help your meaning shine through.

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From creating a document’s framework to the final spotless polish, I work with clients to develop clear, concise, consistent, and carefully considered writing.
With more than 10 years’ experience in writing and editing, I have worked on a variety of non-fiction documents, including newspaper and magazine articles, websites, reports, grant applications, regulatory documents, manuals, academic papers, government and policy documents, resumes, CVs, and marketing collateral. I also edit books, both fiction and non-fiction. I am more of a generalist than a specialist, and am comfortable working with both technical and narrative styles.
I would love to hear about your project and discuss how we can craft an exceptional final product. I look forward to connecting!

Skills Business editing, Canadianization, Consulting, Copy editing, Developmental editing, Editing, Education and instructional editing, Fact checking, Grant/proposal writing, Non-fiction editing, Online editing, Plain Language editing, Proofreading, Reference checking, Rewriting, Structural editing, Stylistic editing, Technical editing, Technical writing, Website design, Writing, Writing advice
Subject / Areas of Interest Biography/memoir, Book publishing, Business, Drama, Earth and Life Sciences, Education, Engineering, Environmental editing, Environmental impact assessments, ESL – English as a Second Language, Fiction, Fine Arts, Gender and bias editing, Geology, Government publications, History, Human & Social Development, Humanities, Marketing, Non-fiction, Social Sciences, Technology, Women's issues
Types of Publications Annual Reports, Blogs, Briefing notes, Brochures, Conference proceedings, Correspondence: government, Correspondence: personal, Magazines, Newsletters, News releases, Obituaries, Personal stories, Policy documents, Reports, Software manuals, Theses – Dissertations, Websites
Citation styles AMA Manual of Style, AP (Associated Press), APA (American Psychological Association), Chicago, CP (Canadian Press), In-house styles, MLA