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Betsy Nuse


B.A. (Honours English)

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I am an editor who helps writers polish their work until it reflects their clearest visions and intentions.

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I have edited fiction and non-fiction, biography and memoir for Canadian publishers as well as private individuals.

Some comments:

From a first-time author: I could not have done it without you. You really have a wonderful knack for herding the recalcitrant author through the process. If anyone ever asks for a reference or testimonial, you have got one in spades here.

From an experienced author: I wanted to put in a plug for assigning Betsy to me. We worked very well together … and she was able to push me for clarity on some of the political nuances raised in the book to make it clear and accessible. Given the controversial nature of this new book and the importance of getting it extremely sharp before it hits the public I think Betsy would be a great asset in the process.

Skills Copy editing, Structural editing, Stylistic editing
Subject / Areas of Interest Biography/memoir, Fiction, Non-fiction
Types of Publications Books
Citation styles Chicago, In-house styles