Why hire an editor?

A professional editor can help you say what you mean clearly and effectively. This can have a direct and practical impact on your communications.

  • If your brochure is hard to read, who is going to bother with it?
  • If people do not understand your safety manual, what good will it do?
  • If your report has errors and inconsistencies, what kind of impression will you make?
  • If your story is filled with typos and grammatical errors, will anyone buy it or recommend it to their friends?

Editors help you to avoid mistakes and achieve your communication goals.

Types of projects

Editors can help you with:

  • academic articles and theses
  • advertising/marketing materials
  • annual reports
  • articles
  • books
  • brochures
  • business communications
  • communication planning
  • conference proceedings
  • displays
  • government publications
  • magazines
  • manuals
  • memoirs
  • newsletters
  • newspapers
  • radio and television materials
  • video and film scripts
  • Websites and Internet materials

Editors’ tools and resources

Editors are experienced with using a wide range of tools and resources:

  • audio recording and transcribing equipment
  • books (e.g., dictionaries, style guides, thesauruses and other reference works)
  • computers
  • databases, including reference works on CD-ROM
  • directories
  • electronic recordings (e.g., video books)
  • Internet
  • interviews, in person or by telephone
  • libraries, archives and other collections
  • newspapers and magazines
  • software applications for desktop publishing and page layout, indexing, photo editing and word processing

Just for fun

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