How do I choose an editor?

Begin by asking yourself three basic questions:

  • What kind of work needs to be done? See what editors do for a description of editing services.
  • In what format(s) will the work be published, e.g., brochure, Web, bound book
  • What subject expertise is required, e.g., history, science, business, education, arts?

You can find PEAVI members by their experience. Enter your keyword(s) in the Search function to find PEAVI members with experience in a particular service, format or subject. Or look for an editor by name on our members list.

Making contact

Select two or three possible editors with experience in the type of editing, format and subject expertise you require.

Send each of them an email describing your project, including the size and deadline.

Editors will generally respond within a few days. Those who wish to be considered for the work will probably send you a list of relevant experience or a professional c.v., along with any questions about the project.

Members of the PEAVI Executive committee can be contacted as well.

Getting down to business

Like other professionals, editors work on a fee-for-service basis, with fees based on fair market rates.

These rates can vary, depending on the type and volume of work and on the editor’s experience and expertise. PEAVI members set their rates independently. Most editors provide brief project assessments and estimates without charge.

Before starting work, editors usually request a written agreement, either in the form of a letter or a formal contract. Agreements clearly specify the scope of work and the fees, either as an hourly rate or as a fixed price for the project.

Please note:
PEAVI is a voluntary association of independent professionals, and has no regulatory power. All contracts between PEAVI members and their clients are the responsibility of the signatories. PEAVI provides this site as a service to members and those wishing to use their services. PEAVI is not liable for its members or their actions.